Bobbi Powers - Teacher (Butterfly Room)

My name is Bobbi Powers. I joined the Kids on the Hill Preschool community in 2001 as the teacher of the three year old class— the Butterflies.

While in the third grade I decided I wanted to be a kindergarten or preschool teacher and worked toward the goal. Since graduating with a BA in Elementary Education, I have taken many ECE classes while teaching, mostly in curriculum and social development. I taught Kindergarten in Michigan and preschool in Colorado before moving to Marin County in 1989 with my son.  My first position here in Marin was directing the after-school program at Marin Montessori and then I came to Kids on the Hill.

I enjoy working with young children and helping them to discover who they are. As a teacher I consider well-developed social skills to be the key to all other learning. I believe every child should be valued as an individual and treated with respect. 

Besides being interested in preschool education I also have a fascination with the outdoors and with animals. I am a long-time member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I enjoy visiting the beach, the redwoods, and sometimes the mountains. I try to pass on my love and appreciation of the natural world to the children in my life.