Paula Stoddard - Director

Hello I am Paula Stoddard and I have the pleasure of serving as the director of Kids on the Hill Preschool. I have over 40 years of experience in early childhood education as a Montessori teacher, co-op preschool teacher, the director of small and large schools and as a community college instructor in child development.

I have A.M.I. Montessori teacher certification, an Associates degree in early childhood education as well as Bachelors & Masters degrees in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. I consider myself a lifelong learner and am always seeking classes and information regarding the development of young children and the strengthening of parenting them!

I have two young adult children. My daughter Amy lives in Chico with her husband Jason and my adorable grandchildren - Leo and Lucy.  My son Mark and his wife Melissa live in Salinas and enjoy the Monterey Bay area very much!

Over 40 years I have seen many societal changes affecting the lives of young children. Yet I know this to be true—many of their needs are the same; to be loved and provided for, have a safe environment, be nurtured in their growth, to be read to often and have the freedom to play, play, play!

The staff and I at KOTH strive to provide a caring, beautiful, and enriching environment that meets these needs and we want to partner with parents as they enjoy this very important early time in their child’s life!