Our Educational Philosophy

Kids on the Hill offers a high quality developmental preschool program that educates young children by incorporating the best ideas from a variety of early childhood educational practices and philosophies. It is from this knowledge and understanding of what is best for engaging children in learning through play that we create an environment and curriculum that actively involves the whole child.

Jean Piaget and his developmental approach bring the idea that children learn through play and play is a child’s work. Curriculum is centered on age-appropriate activities that are success-oriented and instill a positive self-esteem.  We borrow from Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy regarding an emphasis on the importance of the development of the self in relationship to family, friends and the community.  Rudolph Steiner in his Waldorf approach gives the importance of nature, simplicity and physical surroundings that inspire creativity.  Erik Erikson’s stages of human development guide us to provide a place of trust, security, autonomy and initiative for the child’s optimum social/emotional development.

As early childhood educators, our teachers stay current with research in our field that brings into consideration recent findings on brain development in these early years, literacy, language acquisition, and numeracy learning best practices.  Recent influences of Reggio Emilia have offered us renewed emphasis on aesthetic beauty and the project approach to curriculum planning.

As is an emphasis in our state and federal educational systems at this time, we are guiding young children in their emotional development and social interactions to prepare them as members of a small community of learners who are ready to enter formal schooling with skills for success.

Kids on the Hill blends these philosophies and practices throughout our program and we group the children by age to specifically approach their developmental needs.  Care is given to each age group to promote awareness and responsibility for self, family, friends, community, the environment, different cultures and the development of character.

Kids on the Hill supports the entire family unit and strives to helps families meet the challenges of raising their children.